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"I can't afford it!"

I get people every day messaging me to tell me they can’t afford my gigs. They start with a lot of questions, we have a back and forth session for a while, only to end up when I send the requested custom order, having them say I can’t afford that.

I suppose they didn’t look at my prices on my gigs? I’m surprised they are so shocked when they see how much my gigs cost.

I have my prices set and get enough orders as it is so it’s not a matter of lowering them to try to provide services to everyone.

I need a standard supply of answers or a way to quickly tell if this is someone who is going to end up saying they can’t afford my gigs before wasting time on the other questions they have.

There are hundreds of sellers offering what I offer for $5. Why don’t they simply go to them first?


I have a couple of gigs in a similar niche as you.

I get these same types of questions all the time! Or people who want free extras who have a story to explain why they need them. How infuriating! Maybe they think if they appeal to emotions you suddenly won’t have to use time or materials that cost money to satisfy their requests. :thinking:

Do you ever get people who don’t follow your instructions / don’t listen to you and then are absolutely shocked?


I have begun to ask buyers what their budget is right out of the gate. This has helped me greatly. I actually try not to send offer requests. I like to see if they can get passed ordering my gig in the conventional manner. Kind of a competence test


Yes all the time. They don’t read even my messages after they order then have a million questions which were already explained.

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I am getting stressed out just reading this. :laughing:

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I’ve been hearing that some sellers send just one or two sentences at delivery. :grin: I might try to figure out how to make it real simple for them.

And first thing I respond with would be a price range. lol

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. :thinking:

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I just now did that, told the price range as part of my first answer. No response. I will continue to test this for the coming few weeks.