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I can't arrange pricing as i want

hello this is my first day here and i really love this website and thankful for you …
I’m offering animation videos for sell which i can create in 3D package… and i’m making pricing offer, and the offer went like ( for the first 30 second i’ll get 20$ per second) which believe this should go for basic category, the second standard price was for every second after the first 30 second it went like ( 15$ per second extra)… for the premium pricing went like ( 10$ for every second after the first 60 seconds) but i get an error says that the price should go up. but in my case it should go low as in animation extra means tempting offer… so what should i do in this case?

Welcome to Fiverr.

You don’t necessarily have to use the 3 tier packages. People are probably not going to order 1 second of production.

Display 2 options in your description and then allow people to request custom quotes if their needs are different.
A simple $600.00 button for the first offer and a $300.00 addon for “an additional 30 seconds”.

I don’t know what Fiverr will let you offer when you start. It has changed since I started.

“I can provide 30 seconds of production for $600.00 or I can provide 60 seconds for $900.00.”

I got started on Fiverr by doing 100 $5.00 jobs in 60 days on 1 gig. No large orders no gig extras. This got my account traffic and lots of reviews. After the account was primed, I was able to move to an order structure that $50-$100 an hour. The way I started was crucial to my success. If I charged what I charge now at the beginning, I would have never got off the ground here.

I am like you, I had been in production for 20 years before I started here.

Let me know if I can help further. Welcome to Fiverr. It has been one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Landon Grace

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