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I can't become a seller. I need help!

i created my profile on fiverr 2 days ago.
i want to become a seller but when i click the “become a seller” button, it just send me to “personal info” to fill the information boxes but if i click the “continue” button, the page just don’t work, i got stuck in the same page.

I tried changing the info and trying to go manually by writing in the searching bar the page where it would send me. But it doesn’t works anyways. i cant create a seller profile.
why is this?


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Which page are you stuck on? Are you getting any error messages? (Can you provide a screenshot? Block any personal info, if you do/.)


Sure! i’m stuck on this page.

i filled every box of information but if i click the “continue” button, nothing happens.
i tried to reeplace the “personal_info” for “professional_info” on the link but it does not work.
i don’t know if maybe is a chrome problem.

Also, i cant link my facebook or twitter profiles. with facebook it shows a red advice “we can’t link you fb account” and the twitter one shows a gray link and just that.

thank you

Maybe skip the FB one for now? I’m pretty sure you can add it later.

Otherwise, I’m not sure. If you want to try another browser, sure, but no clue if it’ll help.


Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Creating Your Seller Profile).

There is a contact us icon at the bottom of the article if you require further help.

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i could solve it!
i tried re-writting all the info again and it worked. i don’t know wasn’t like getting the text, like if the text box was empty or something

Thank you very much for your help anyway!

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Hello there, I"m glad that you could solve it, and have learned something in the process.

Sometimes things just don’t click, so you have to walk away for a minute, in order to wrap your head around what went wrong or needs to be rethought.

I suggest you refrain from hitting on women in the forum. While you may not see it as creepy or unprofessional, it sure comes off that way. I cringed reading your “compliments”.

And, no, I am not a feminist.



While I had no bad intention in mind, I agree with you.

It’s unnecessary and unprofessional.

I omitted that part just to be on the safe side.

Thanks for reminding me. I really appreciate it.

You have to keep patience and try again. Success is near. :star_struck: