I can't believe Fiverr let me down this bad


I have been a proud member of Fiverr for about 6 years, I was an early user of Fiverr and have loved it, ordered many different gigs through the years.

That all changed on Friday, July 13th. Someone hacked into my account, and Fiverr allowed them to change the email of my account WITHOUT email verification! How terrible is that? I opened my email that day to see that they allowed this hacker to change my email and lock me out of my account. He also changed my phone number (of course, without number verification). I didn’t know Fiverr allowed that. Not very secure…

He placed 2 full orders and 1 tip, all to the same gig. He left positive feedback, using my account! Now, I know things like this happen. But, Fiverr is going to help me, right? Clearly these were fake orders. They are going to help me, right? Plus, it is 14 days before this criminal (his account name is ********. His gig is called “I will translate you any text”) can withdraw the money. I felt confident Fiverr would help.

NO. It has been 8 days, I was told it was forwarded to “the right department” but we are quickly closing in on the 14 days. They marked my case “closed”, though it is still not handled. ****** might take my money (it looks like he hacked another account too, Fiverr, WHERE ARE YOU!?!??!). So frustrated and sad.

I was an early supporter of Fiverr. I loved this website, I referred people here, and I loved the community.
Now, when I was clearly stolen from, the website does nothing. The department can clearly see that this was fraud (why would I spend over $200 on translation from someone who uses the wrong grammar in his title?)

Fiverr, where are you. Everyone reading this, please know this can happen to you too. If it happened to me, it can happen to you. It might not matter to you, it hasn’t happened to you yet. If it does, you would want Fiverr to do something. I am desperate because I do not want ******** to be rewarded for what he did.

You have read this long thread, for that I want to thank you! I will update you if Fiverr takes action. If not, I am going VERY public with this, far beyond the reach of Fiverr with this complaint, because if they do not defend us and deal honestly, no one should be using this website.

This is coming from someone who has loved this website for nearly 6 years. What a shame.

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Awesome!! Last time I checked it was still up. Very encouraging to hear!


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I wish you get some help :disappointed_relieved:


I did hear back from support. They are still working on it! It does look like the thief had his account shut down, which is good. I don’t understand why it is taking so long to refund me, and I am hoping I can get my original account back. It does look like Fiverr is finally taking action. Just hope they finish the job!


So you tell us that they changes your e-mail address and the next day you opened the e-mail that you, according to your explanation, didn’t receive.
Can you get any more phony?


What you are insinuating maybe true, maybe not… I don’t know. But-

e-mail verification and e-mail notification are not the exact same thing.

e-mail verification would probably involve (for example) Fiverr sending an e-mail to you with a link in it which you need to click, in order to verify that you are indeed the person who is initiating the e-mail change.

e-mail notification, on the other hand, would only be an e-mail which is sent to the initial e-mail address (before the change) just to notify them that their e-mail has been changed. And that, if it was not initiated by the person, they could contact Fiverr about it.

I don’t know if this is how it works on Fiverr but according to the OP, they allowed the hacker to change their e-mail address without an e-mail verification step. In this case, it is possible that the OP was only notified of the change (in the old e-mail address).


Let me clarify. I received an email from Fiverr letting me know they were changing my email address. So, my account was hacked and the first thing this person did was change my email. What is frustrating is other websites require you to confirm that sort of change using email.
I was not given this opportunity, if I did, it would have avoided this whole mess!

I should have stated that more clearly. This is VERY concerning that Fiverr allows emails to be changed without confirming that change through your current email. Most websites require that.
That is what I was frustrated about the most through this! It shouldn’t have happened because they should require email changes to be confirmed through your current email!


The email I received showed they changed my email address without allowing me to confirm that change through my current email, as most websites do.
And, why would I be a “phony”? This has been an absolute waste of time from the beginning, I have had to mess with so many support messages, and I haven’t even gotten the money that was stolen from me back.


I would just recommend that you give Fiverr some time to fully check the situation out. I know it’s been a while already, but you have seen some steps taken such as the removal of the offender. Give the more time to figure out what all happened and how the other user got access to your account in the first place. That is really a major question in this. The user should not have been able to gain access, so most likely they got it through a phishing attempt or some other slip.

Give Support time to respond on the rest of the situation, don’t send several tickets or messages to Support while you wait, and check your Security settings for the future. Make sure that your Fiverr login is never given to anyone else whether on purpose or by accident.


Good luck!