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I can't believe I did this

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :open_mouth:
Last month I paused my bestselling gig (it had around 80 reviews–all 5 star), I just went into ‘paused gigs’ and it’s not there. So, I guess I clicked on delete instead of pause.
I can’t think of any other explanation—any ideas? And I assume customer support cannot revive a deleted gig, right?
PS I didn’t get any notif from Fiverr regarding the gig.
Thanks, Mae


Hi, Mae! That sounds awful, I’d cry if I found out a gig of mine that had those kinds of stats was suddenly gone :sob: :slightly_frowning_face: .

I went to my own dashboard a minute ago when I saw this, and the delete option is the second space down from pause in the dropdown menu. I find it highly unlikely that you would miss the button, and not realize it! And if you attempted to pause the gig from your profile, I didn’t see a delete option there.

It can’t hurt to contact customer support on this, and see what, if anything, can be done or if they have any solutions! Fiverr has been restructuring gig categories and doing some maintenance, so maybe there was a system error? That’s all the suggestions I’ve got, hopefully someone on the forum with more experience can offer you better advice, love!


lol. No, it would take something on a whole different level of meaning for me to cry. :slight_smile:

All I remember is that my intention was to pause the gig. I assume I did this from the active gig menu, and this is how it appears for an active gig:

Screenshot (92)

Just in case, I did just send a request to CS.

Well, if by chance they can somehow retrieve the gig–cool.

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Fingers crossed that Customer Service can find a solution, or best case perform something like a retrieval :heart: !!! Best of luck!!!


Customer Service retrieved the gig. . . then denied + removed it because “It seems your Gig is not appropriate for the Fiverr marketplace.”

:question: This gig was up for five years!
:question: There are many other gigs up right now which offer the exact same thing.

Having a gig denied, that offers exactly what other gigs offer which are currently up–this has happened to me before on Fiverr. I’ll never understand why they do this. And to be clear, my gigs do not violate TOS in any way. And they have absolutely nothing iffy about them (nothing controversial).


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Fight. Be kind and strong in your replies. Let them see you will not give up. You have to be persistent.

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Hi and thanks for ur comment. :slight_smile:
Really? I thought that once Customer service says no, there’s absolutely nothing u can do . .

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It’s rare, very rare, but CS are people too, and extremely overburdened right now. Pressured people make mistakes.

What was the gig about?

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That’s crazy! How can they say it wasn’t “appropriate” after 5 years?? I’d ask directly what they based their decision on!!!