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I can't believe what I'm seeing! 😨

In a quick look, I just spotted 15 gigs in the first 2 pages of BEST SELLING in “certain” sub category. All of them have the same/similar designs at their covers and live portfolio, it means that many different buyers are ordering the same design at the same time on many different sellers from the same country?

Its clearly those “review exchange” or “reviews ordered”.

Amazingly these gigs just popped up in the best selling filter, thanks to these amazing algorithm tests.

This is the problem of giving placement to questionable and not reliable gigs, while the best sellers are placed on later pages.

I’m asking myself if fiverr team has no clue this is happening or if they really not care.


But what is the advantage of creating many profiles instead of creating many gigs in the same category?

both are prohibited.

you are allowed to have only 1 gig per category and only 1 account. Of course, for example, if you offer 1 gig for minimalist logo design and 1 gig for 3d logo design, both can be in the same category.

Multiple accounts MAY get deleted, multiple gigs in the same account WILL get deleted

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Edited because it’s not needed any more.


exactly. I just edited the previous message:


Right - thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If all those gigs are similar the ones aren’t get a highlight. :thinking:

I’m serious that fiverr seems to be lost. I really don’t understand if they are really worried with the marketplace integrity or not.

Right now, if you see, Logo Design category is showing the best sellers on top of best selling filter, while many other categories aren’t (if not all the rest of categories).

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If you think that’s bad, try finding yourself in the search two weeks running thanks to other sellers stealing your gig description and tags. They have :poop: sales. I have loads and reviews to prove it, but they rank better than me for being new.

It’s kinda crazy when you think about it. What am I supposed to do? Pay for Facebook ads to drive traffic to a site where people get rewarded for impersonating me? - Not happening, sorry!


I know it’s a :poop: to contact fiverr support to ask them to “fix” this ranking, but this is the only thing possible for now.

I don’t know if it works or not, but if only 1 user do this, the probably wont notice, but if more sellers do this, then maybe they fix it (which I believe it’s the reason they fixed/changed back LOGO DESIGN category to show the real best sellers first - along with some new gigs too - ).

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While I’m struggling to keep my level and get some sales, these sellers are getting highlighted and promoted by fiverr.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the intention of fiverr team, but they seems to be not worried about this.

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Not to mention the “description SEO hacking” I see everyday… some description gigs use dirty black hat techiniques to get first positions in searches, like filling the description with repetitive keyword combinations. That explain why a seller with a 4.9 average, 7 ratings, is always first position in high traffic keywords (which, by the way, seems does not work so well for him/her, as I bet the CTR ratio is very low due to unprofessional thumbnail and description). However, it makes the marketplace less professional and more amateurish, even shady in some cases.

I don’t mind, as I usually have enough work, but really, it is discouraging for veterans. I really don’t know why the placement algorithm does that really.

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I just reported 28 similar gigs, delivering the same designs for the same buyers.

These sellers don’t even thought to change their deliveries live portfolio.

I’m glad there are so many sellers with “lack of intelligence”. I’m just afraid support do nothing about this


I was about to say the same thing until I saw the clarification. My gigs are almost all in the same category but they are still quite different in what they are for and what keywords are needed to describe them. There really isn’t a need for anyone to have multiple profiles but they probably read that it’s a great idea in some silly bad e-book.

I still don’t think all of Fiverr seems lost over one part of how the site works. I do think they have a number of issues that need to be fixed, but they seem to be relying more on keyword searching than filters right now. @cyaxrex is correct that it’s a bigger problem if you are buried when people search for you, though I seem to find titles more important than descriptions or tags.

That’s probably true. If they decide to fix it at all, they are more likely to hear about it if enough people complain directly to staff instead of to other sellers.

That does seem correct. Have you considered trying some unique avenues for locating buyers? I’m not being facetious, I’m serious. There are some really interesting ideas that not many Fiverr sellers do.

Yes, some of them do cost money but if they bring enough traffic, it might be worth it. One semi-untapped area is via Giveaways. Amazon Giveaways are being used in higher volume now by people who choose a “winner” from a group of people who view their YT video, like their social media page, or favorite them on GoodRead and so on. The item that is given away is shipped directly from Amazon and can be any cheap item sold via Prime, so there is no exchange of contact info. I’m not sure if the Amazon version of this would work for Fiverr, though it might, since Fiverr does have favorites/bookmarking and visitors can mean higher ranks and sales.

If Amazon Giveaways isn’t the right route, there are others. I don’t do it now, but I used to have a blog about pets that had tons of links back to my Fiverr profile so that other bloggers could find me. I used a Giveaway site to get people to click the links in my blog posts. It did spike my Fiverr traffic and it only cost me $8. This is just one simple idea and might not be right for you, but I’m just saying that thinking about new ways of getting people here could be worth it.

Some people would say that they don’t see why they should pay 20% commission AND pay to bring their own traffic, but IMO - profit is still profit. If I pay $8 to bring traffic and I net $800 that month, I’m happy. (I’m not here to start some fight, I’m really trying to contribute, so I’m not promising I’ll respond to bait about why these ideas are bad. They are just ideas.)


I understand what you mean. But the best sellers used to be on top because a reason (due a good performance), like customer support says. Today it’s not.

I see many and many gigs counterfeiting reviews, They don’t even try to hide this. I just reported 28 gigs, all delivering the same images. And guess what? Some are being the top of search and gigs category ranking, because the changes fiverr did in their algorithm.

One thing is placing good gigs on top, other thing is placing an amateur gig which bought some reviews and just seems to be good on top. This is not a true performance, but some of these are being considered best sellers.

This kind of gig is overcrowding some categories. On best selling and also Recommended/Relevance. This is why I keep insisting that Best Selling (at least this one) should be only for best sellers.

There will always have sellers with multiple accounts and gigs, but seeing that fiverr is only “fixing” one category and letting other categories behind is enough to me. They seems to have a great team to create such changes, but to have not a single person to manually check the marketplace.

Administratively talking, yes, fiverr seems to be lost, or they wouldn’t be “testing” more than 1 year something really simple. They are more worried to make money than build a long term relationship with their clients (buyers AND sellers). Short term thinking is a short term life.


All right.

Have the same issue.
Also found similar gigs with images of some physical activity. Most of users are from the same country.
Now I know why my sales are suddenly dropped
Now the cheaters are placed on the top of “Vector tracing” category


This is the big problem

exactly. I spotted more than 40 gigs like this. Most of them from same country but there are others from other countries. Anyway, It’s clearly cheaters trying to get better placements


Any updates from Customer support? Will they do something with this or leave it as is?
I really don’t understand new algorithm. Those sellers have just few reviews, how they can be “Best sellers”? I can make the same amount of orders in 1 day or two but me and other sellers who deliver quality work, displayed on last pages.

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