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I can't believe what I'm seeing! 😨

I think every think is ok…


They just said it would be passed to fiverr trust and safety team.

I also don’t understand this.

The only thing I understand is that fiverr is trying to make much money as possible. I understand and respect this, but some of their strategies are so amateur that makes me sicj. They seems to be not worried at all with this.

why everything is ok? There are a lot of fake sellers with just a couple of reviews being shown as the best sellers.

It doesn’t seems to be ok for me


Original screenshot of actual placing.
These sellers (with almost the same portfolio and from the same country) who have just few reviews and rating less than 5 placed above sellers who has a great work history and more than 6000 reviews.


This is what I’m talking about. I’ve been looking the gigs which stand out at the top of searches, and I know your gig have been one of them. Your placement was deserved, because I know you worked hard for this.

Now I’m seeing almost 50 gigs like these you just sent placed on top of recommended/relevance and also best selling.

The best I can do, beside contacting fiverr support, is suggest to people do the same. Contact support and report such suspicious gigs. There are dozen of gigs delivering the same “arts”.


Situation is the same now but I see more sellers with history and reviews. But also a lot of sellers with few reviews.
Now I’m on the 3rd page again :persevere:

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I’m losing faith in fiverr that they will realize this site became a mess.

It’s clear they are trying to obfuscate good “non pro sellers”, to direct buyers to “pro sellers”. But it becomes ridiculous when the site is called FIVErr.

I believe this will be another “survival mode” month

This is a big problem actually. If you search “review exchange” on FB you can see there are soooo many people who are willing to it.


Nowadays it’s to easy to get fake reviews. But when a good seller, with honest and real reviews stand out, they are passed to the end of the line, when these fake reviewed sellers are the first to be found.

just ridiculous

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don’t no what wrong with fiverr. just getting orders from old buyers & new buyers are almost gone… looks like they can’t see my gigs…

Yes, it’s happened.
2 days ago I edited my Best selling gig which has almost 1k reviews (just added FAQ section and don’t edited anything else) and now my gig completely dissapeared from the search.
Before that it was on 1st page within a year.
48 hours already passed but the situation is the same. No impressions, no clicks, no orders.
This is the end :sob:

Contact the fiver support, you’ll fix it. I was in this situation.

I already did this but with no result

I did this at 4 of my gigs, I waited 24-48 hours maximum.

They answered me with standard answer template. About gig ranking and how to be successful on fiverr. How to deliver orders and other things that I already know

I also edited my Best Seller GIG +13k reviews, totally disappeared, after I contacted the support the problem was resolved. The same thing I did for 3 more edits, I have no problems now.

“Thank you for your patience your Gig has been reviewed by our Editorial Team and is now available in the marketplace”

I just deleted all changes that I made before (deleted FAQ section) and Wow my gig was popped in the search again after few minutes.
It will be a good lesson for me and maybe for other sellers - DON"T EDIT ANYTHING in your best selling gig.


I’m happy for you that it’s back! Yeah! That is very good advice. I’ve seen that too. A couple of years ago mine disappeared for about 4 months after editing it slightly :scream: And last month it also was gone for about 3 days and then randomly popped up again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! But if you are in the same mess, edit it daily and hope it gets added back.