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I can't block anyone unless they are a previous buyer


I would like to sometimes block people who cannot communicate in English but continue to message me, or are annoying. They don’t deserve to be reported for bad behavior, but simply are potential buyers I cannot help but they don’t understand when I tell them that. We spend time with me trying to explain that I can’t help them and they continue to message me and say they are going to order.

Good communication is so important so the buyer understands what I am expressing and if they are not proficient in English it’s not good. I’ve even had people order when they have no idea, or the wrong idea, of what they purchased. I would like to avoid that.

Or for example they may send 20 messages in a row that are just question marks, mixed with “hi”, and have done this repeatedly for months. They don’t speak or write English yet wish to order. Yet I can’t block them.


I have heard that the Fiverr App gives you the option to block someone even if they aren’t a previous buyer. I don’t know how far that is true. I haven’t tried it for myself yet. :thinking:


You can block buyer through fiverr app even if they didn’t place any order.


That’s good to know thanks.


I’ve had to do it through the app myself. So, it does work.