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I can't change any thing like password, payment gateway


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It’s not a bug - you need to verify your mobile phone by adding the verification code sent by Fiverr.

Follow the instructions given to you, and contact CS if it still doesn’t work. :sunny:

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But the code does not coming to my phone number. Whenever I want to verify with my phone code then a window appears like the screenshot.

Hi @lkpainboy I have had this problem before here’s how I managed to solve it :

  • Go to the settings section,

  • Change your phone number (you can add the same number there is no problem about),

  • The save the changes;

  • Now, go back to the earnings panel and try to verify again and you will receive the confirmation code.

Do not hesitate to let us know if everything is for you.
Best regards.

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I can’t find the option to change my phone number

  • Click on your profile picture and click on “settings”,

  • In the the left side you will get to see : Account, Security, notifications, Billing

  • Click on the “Security” and the scroll down and you will “PHONE VERIFICATION”,

  • Click on “EDIT” and you will be able to edit your phone number.

Hope that works for you.

Do not hesitate to confirm if it’s all ok.
Best regards.


@arienne_article Thank you so much. :pray: It worked.


You are welcome @lkpainboy