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I can't change it but what do y'all think?

I had a buyer leave me a one-star - I knew she would, but she reached out to me to let me know what she expected. I left my own experiences, leaving her a two (two because she was patient with me and I was being somewhat kind).’’

She wrote “That’s just terrible. I waited so long to get such bad resutats, you dont have the style, no ability to tell short and clear, a lot of unnecessary words and water. I wanted to sleep when I read. It is very difficult to read this text and not interesting. You did not understand the topic and do not know anything about the Amazon and this is very cle”

My experience with her went: “After using data based on her website, I rewrote what I thought was already unique information.3 days after leaving feedback, she tells me she actually copied & pasted from other places & would rather use her real name (something never mentioned). I’m redoing the copy but won’t work with her again.”

My reply to her feedback: Wow! The only mention of Amazon came up is when she pointed out a line she copied from a seller there. Never did she says the copy needed to be rewritten for Amazon purposes. If she had, I never would have accepted the job. Lack of clear communication made for the poor writing experience she had.

I would never have agreed to write for her if I knew she was doing it for Amazon. In fact, all she said was that “I need to rewrite text for my website to be SEO optimized and unique.” Umm… okay, I tried to make it unique by putting some life behind the words she had - changing it up where I could. I never suspected that the information she had on her website wasn’t hers, because her website’s name was all over it.

I offered to rewrite it - still thinking it was for website purposes - but now with the mention of Amazon, I don’t know if I should. I don’t have a lot of experience with Amazon writing because I don’t like to write for anything Amazon-related with the backlash that often ensues. Sholud I even try and bring this up to CS?

I don’t give a dang about the review. I think it’s pretty clear I didn’t have all the information needed but you guys tell me and advise me what to do. One thing I know I’ll do is after the dust settles, she’s on the block list.


Hi Emerald, sorry to hear this happened :frowning_face:

Maybe you should put something like “I don’t write (re-write) for Amazon” at the very beginning of your gig. It might help.


My fear is if I do that Fiverr bots will flag me for it for even mentioning the word Amazon. That’s why I haven’t done it.

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Oh!!! Well, maybe not mentioning Amazon directly but describing it as well as other selling pages. (e.g. I won’t rewrite for any selling page" :thinking:)

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Yes, and lets not forget to also add:

  • I do not write for eBay
  • I do not write for Etsy
  • I do not write for Shopify
  • I can’t write your autobiography (especially without knowing who you are)
  • I can’t guarantee that your content will start trending on social media
  • By ordering from me, your business is not guaranteed to be so successful Jeff Bezos starts flirting with you
  • I can’t help you program your VCR
  • I don’t know what the winning lottery numbers will be this week
  • I don’t employ a full-time psychic to interpret your brief
  • I can’t pick your kids up from school on Friday
  • I do not include pictures of my feet with articles
  • I can not sell you Bitcoin
  • I can not write a press release for your obscure life coaching startup which Tucker Carlson will make headline news this weekend
  • I do not publish content on my or any other website
  • I can not copyright generic words like trousers for you
  • I do not build websites
  • I can not tell you what the weather will be like tomorrow
  • I do not know what you should call your first born child

i.e. There isn’t enough words in he average gig description o list all the things someone doesn’t do. :wink:

This is why I send a questionnaire to everyone who sends me a generic message like this. If you PM me I can send you a copy. All you need to keep in mind is that it scares away 90% of the people who message you. However, if does help you build up a base of more high-quality buyers who order regularly.


I am sorry this happened to you. In fact, I am working with one such buyer (lack of clear communication) right now, and it is annoying, to say the least.

If you’re referring to the review/the experience you had with this buyer, I don’t think that’s a good idea. It might backfire on you. I have read posts on the forum about sellers saying they received a ToS warning for doing that.

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No… not the review - I don’t care about the review. It can stay for all I care. They never hurt me before, and people who know my writing know I do great work. I believe my answer to the situation pretty much summed up that I wasn’t given forthright knowledge to complete the project as indicated. I just hope I was professional enough in my answer - both in my assessment of the project and in my answer to her.

I’m more concerned with the fact that I told her I would rewrite it BUT this was only before I found out it was actually for Amazon. She hasn’t written back yet to either one of my messages - especially where I called her out on her never telling me it was for Amazon in the first place.

Her messages said she needed her text for her “website” rewritten - no mention of it being for Amazon whatsoever. What else am I supposed to think beyond that? I didn’t feel she was being misleading by saying she needed her website text to be rewritten but when she later mention in the review it’s for Amazon but never mention it until she tell me she stole content from an Amazon seller then yes, I feel mislead.

Not sure what to do here.


Since she left you a review that completed it so I’m not sure you are obligated to rewrite it since it’s completed at this point. You can tell her she misled you about not telling you the truth about what it was for and so you are prevented from revising it.

The fact that she misled you negates any further obligation on your part.


Yeah, I went ahead and told her I felt it was best I not try since I didn’t feel she’d be happy with that outcome either. I wished her good luck and that was that. I tried to stay as professional as I could, but we’ll see if she goes any further (CS, anyone?).

Since this 1-star hit the profile and whatnot, I’ve actually had 4 people message me this morning alone asking for my services. :slight_smile:


Lo and Behold… she had Fiverr CS cancel the order. Imagine that… I am so not surprised. I was polite to her and what not. That’s okay. I just a $20 order from another client that replaces her own.

Still, she gets to leave me negative feedback, get her money back AND lower my completion rate. So not cool Fiverr.

I wrote to Fiverr CS… and here’s hoping what I say doesn’t get me banned. I guess we’ll see soon enough:

Good day Fiverr CS,

I know what your answer is going to be already but I have to bring to your attention an old saying about this situation you have placed me in.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too, which is exactly what you allow a buyer to do when they get their money back after leaving negative feedback about their experience. Why both ways?

For example, my buyer was not upfront about what they needed from me, so I based my writing on what information I was given in the message. Come to find out - she stole everything on her website for me to rewrite and information from Amazon as well. Yes, she plagiarized every bit of her content and then proceeds to tell me that I know nothing about writing about Amazon for Amazon. Yes, this is what happened.

I know she probably said I didn’t get what I paid for - and she’s right - but I did the work based on the information she provided. She misled me into thinking it was one thing when it was something else entirely. On top of that, she plagiarized her own site. If I had known that this information was not her own and that she needed it for Amazon itself, I would have turned it down initially,

As such, now she has her money back, affected my order completion rate and gets to leave negative feedback. You shouldn’t allow buyers to have it both ways. If they leave negative feedback, they shouldn’t be given a refund. And, if they do get a refund, their feedback should be removed.

What you’re doing is placating thieves in this regard - she stole content and then misled a seller into thinking the work was hers when it wasn’t. And then, claims its for her website when it’s not.

I know what you’re going to say - what’s done is done, but I just have to give you my two cents about how wrong this is - as a whole. In fact, it makes sellers feel like we’re an afterthought when you allow buyers to do something like this.

I’m not worried about the pay, and then negative feedback I got has actually led to an increase in people requesting my services, but it’s not right and it shouldn’t be allowed.

Thank you for listening to my grievances. I hope, in due time, that Fiverr realizes that sometimes the buyer isn’t always right because the reality is… they’re not!

Have a wonderful day.

I am so surprised that you did the job and then she got a refund. I would have just told them that since you did the job as was described in the gig description and to her specifications you hope they take another look at the delivery you gave her and reconsider the cancellation. And sent a screenshot of the delivery.

You cannot be expected to redo something that concerns Amazon either, and she didn’t mention Amazon when she ordered.

Sorry this happened to you. We all get a buyer from hell now and then. It’s depressing when it happens. You have my sympathy for this.


Now she’s gone and done it.

She reaches out to me via Facebook Messenger and tells me we can solve this or go to war. I’ve already made Fiverr CS aware of this:

my offer to return the money for the order to me, because you took money for the work that you could not understand, and delete the comments, because you showed yourself not professional
You can block me, but it will not help.
we can solve this issue for good, or we start a war, choose.

Know what I find funny - she gets her money back and she’s the one that’s sore… I am so not worried about this. Fiverr CS said they were looking into her actions and advised me to report her to Facebook as well.


This is really beyond a joke. It’s clear that Fiverr simply allows buyers to cancel orders whenever, for whatever reason. We saw this recently with the following thread:

Fiverr also has… Shall we say a controversial reputation among freelancers?

All Fiverr does by canceling orders in this way, is make Fiverr a bigger magnet for buyers like this. This is why I now cancel any seemingly dodgy order preemptively. I can face earning less by being penalized with cancellations. What I can’t face is working for free and often knowing it before CS cancels or a buyer uses a chargeback to get work FOC.

I suppose it would be nice if Fiverr could implement a policy where for every sale a CS cancels, the amount in question gets cut from the CS agents pay. Of course, that will never happen, since they are considered poor overworked human beings with real lives and bills to pay…:thinking:

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This is pure narcissist. It’s war to her. She has to win, even though she already did win. She wants your total submission and for you to fear her. How terrible. Any type of response to her will give her the attention and power she craves. I’m so sorry. After all the trouble she’s already caused too.


I’ve just blocked her Facebook too. I’m not falling prey to her narcissism. I lived with one for years - and the best thing to do is not engage. This is why I blocked her after I sent her the message that I felt we weren’t a good match. I even offered her good luck and best wishes.

For someone who is more than half a world away from me, let her do what she wishes. It’s no concern of mine. If she is that vindictive, then she’s got bigger problems than anyone can help with. As for Fiverr, I know what they’ll do - absolutely nothing. However, if they block my account for no particular reason, I won’t be happy in the least - and neither will my long-term Fiverr clients who know how I work. Some of these clients go back to 2011. (Yes, eight years.)


You haven’t done anything to get your account blocked. I’m glad you are onto what she is all about. It’s helped me a lot to learn about narcissists and the pattern they follow. We deal with such a variety of people here that it’s good to understand this aberration.


It’s super frustrating - I am the one that created the tread cyarex mentioned. I kept pushing to get them to escalate to a team lead in customer support, albeit respectfully, restated everything from my previous messages and resent all my proof. The team lead said they would not cancel the order for my buyer after reviewing everything again.

Perhaps they will reverse their decision for you, especially with her conduct towards you off of Fiverr. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! :crossed_fingers:


Thanks but I doubt it. Really doesn’t matter anymore. Within an hour of having that order cancelled, I had a $20 order come in replacing it. The only thing that bothers me is the double standard - she gets to leave feedback and have her money back - That’s not right in the least!


I think you should try to get your money back from fiverr. Now you have to ask for it back.

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