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I can't change it but what do y'all think?


I agree with that. If an order is cancelled then the feedback should be deleted, whether good or bad. Doing it any other way leaves too much room for people to manipulate the system. Whose to say a seller wouldn’t have a friend make a bunch of orders, leave feedback, and then cancel them just to gain the positive ratings? Or a competitor order a gig, leave a bad rating, and then cancel to mess with your stats?

And I agree with @misscrystal on getting your money back. I know it isn’t a lot, but it’s the principle of the matter. If enough sellers confront them over these sorts of cancellations and push the issue, they might change the process for looking at orders before cancelling them.


I’m actually Just biding my time here…

On April 16th, I learn which direction my life is going to go - If it goes the way I am hoping and my car is paid off (And it should be thanks to a retroactive raise), I may only be accepting custom offers from the long-term clients (and nothing else) permanent OOO mode.

If the board approves the Pre-K’s principal recommendation (and she didn’t interview anyone else from what I was told), then I’ll be somewhat leaving Fiverr. I won’t have to work two jobs anymore unless I want to.

Plus, someone at a paper I used to work at was thinking about hiring me for once a month coverage of businesses in the county. He was just trying to secure the deal with the chamber. Either way, once things are paid off, Fiverr may no longer be a necessity.


I’m happy for you, getting some jobs you want in real life. That reviewer sounds like she has a struggle with English. Your clients love you. I wish we had more writers here like you.


Yes well, indeed being talented and skilled is not enough sometimes. There are “chaotic” events that can happen and it’s difficult to handle them. Custom Service is there to help anyway. I’m not saying we need to be “lucky”, I don’t like to “hope”, I consider myself a self made artist, but random events exist and they can be positive or negative.


Thanks for that Miss C. I love writing - have loved it since I was 15 when I first created a novel (never published due to content). When I was in Freshman English I, we were asked to write a one-page summary talking about ourselves. And, where most individuals said their name, I took a totally different approach. I never once said who I was but told my classmates how they could find me in a crowd of folks.

Really, the issue of what she did and did not do or say or did not say is dead for me. I ranted and moved passed it. I tried to be professional and cordial, which did not sit well with her. I accept that Fiverr refuses to acknowledge a problem with its system. This is why I am glad for the opportunities that are heading my direction. (I just pray that the one I want is the one that works out).

In all honesty, I never saw myself working at a school, being a role model to kids.

Fiverr, at one time, was a necessity for my household (still is for the moment). But, if I get this job, then Fiverr becomes a hobby. And, if it falls through, my boss has already asked me to go to manager’s school and potentially take over a kitchen next year. I know one is coming open, and I was already being recommended for the position by the current manager there.

Either way, life is moving in a direction that will allow me to make more money and back off the need for Fiverr as much.

It is what it is… I love the clients I work with, but I can take or leave Fiverr after this school year.


Well, at the end of July, it looks like my gigs will be going into OOO mode for quite some time. I’m now the Pre-K secretary for our school system. I am so excited. For the next three to four months, I can work like i used to but after that, I can take the break I so desperately need and only take on new clients when I want but work with my regulars. I love it.

Yay me!


Congratulations, that’s great news! Yay you, indeed! :confetti_ball::fireworks:


@emeraldawnn this is such good news! Congratulations! Enjoy your new found freedom to do what you enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m so happy for you! And so glad you shared that with us. I can feel your excitement.


Yesterday was bittersweet at my boss’ office. (my boss’ boss).

I had to deliver something for my boss (at the PreK building), so I talked with my soon-tobe-new boss (and then walked to my current boss’ office). Both of them thanked me for the service I provided in the last 6 years - for caring about the kids and showing up regularly. Then, the big boss came over and hugged me with tears in her eyes. She said we’ll know you’ll make an impact wherever you go. And, since we’re in the same building as you, we’ll see you every day. (so true).

I absolutely wanted to cry with her.

I also told her I would like to shadow the woman who is retiring and I’m taking her place. She was like absolutely. Find a time for me and the other lady, and not to worry about my cafeteria duties. She said my boss will just have to find someone - that’s all to it. (I wasn’t expecting that to be honest).

I knew there was a reason I stuck with the cafeteria so long. And, it’s nice to know that I still have a family even when I leave. I can’t wait to start my next venture.

I also can’t wait to stop working as much. I’m having a harder time getting up at 3 a.m. :slight_smile: