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I cant check my balance with paypal


I really can’t get it why fiverr takes long to finalise payments…we really need a developer. Have withdrawn cash for like 4 days and nothing is in my acct!!!


What on earth are you talking about here?


my withdrawal is in paypal ,but everytime i check my paypal acct, am told i gat zero balance


When you CLICK on Paypal withdrawal, it DOES NOT get transferred to paypal directly.

You have to “Accept the transfer” from the email associated with your paypal account.

So go check that email address, you should have an email from Fiverr that you initiated a transfer to paypal.

Good luck.


have done that but nothing is working, all they keep on telling me is, it will take some 2 to 3 days for your paypal acct to be updated


you may wish to contact customer support, if you have not done so already.