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I can't complete my profile


I’ve tried everything, by default my profile is very complete. But, I keep on getting this notification on my dashboard. I keep on re-updating my profile pic and description for hours but to no avail. It’s annoying, this is the most buggy, hopeless website ever and what a waste of my time, internet data and energy.


Oh dear, I’n new too, just signed up and it took me a while to learn that I could no use copy and paste. So, maybe that is why? I’m finding the advice on here helpful, so hopefully so will you?


Don’t worry about it too much - many of us have said we can’t complete our profiles, and have no idea what’s missing - it doesn’t seem to make any difference! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I’ve spotted that mine is saying incomplete as well, nothing to add!


dont worry about it.


yes you are right. Avoiding copy paste will secure your account.