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I can't connect my dribbble, facebook or google on fiverr!


I am unable to connect any of the medias, with error message being: “We couldn’t associate the Dribbble account.”


I’d suggest you change your browser or check your profile if it has been added.
I also thought I encountered this problem as whenever I tried adding account the Chrome browser will just pop another page up and return to the initial page. I got frustrated and left the page, but surprisingly accounts were added when I checked my profile.


Yes. It’s working. I was also suffering from this problem. Now. its working. Thank you @optimisthd


ohh i will find thats. thank you ao much


What did you do? I’ve been using latest version of Safari and it’s not working. I’ll try this fix you said–sign in and out of my account and everything. What do you think is the thing that “fixed” it?


for you:

  1. clear your browser history and cache
  2. open new account on medias
  3. then link them.