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I Can't Connect my Pay Pal account to the fiverr


Can anybody tell me what does Retype your ID means? i want to attach my pay pal account to fiver but don’t know what does this graph means. PLEASE HELP !!! :-S


i couldn’t find that ID anywhere, that is why i cant still withdraw my money! :-SS


Contact support. They should be able to help you.


I already solved this problem. So If you guys have the same issue you just have to type your email in both graphs.


I can not withdraw my money for fiverr . I try to connect in my paypal account but not success. please help me. my email is


I had issues repeatedly in trying to pay with PayPal on Fiverr. this happened on 4 different devices, my phone, my tablet, my pc and my Mac. I used 4 different operating systems and I finally signed up for alternative payment, which took days to complete. In the meantime, my deadline for a project was missed because I made the mistake of thinking that Fiverr would either not have an issue, or care enough to fix it. Instead, all their computer geeks did was to say, ‘Huh. How about that? Just do a screen capture and send it to us.’ They provided instructions for a screen capture which didn’t work.

BTW, I had NO problems on the old site, which I still like better. I see no advantage to the new site. At all.