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I cant contact with my clients

Hello, i cant chat in messanger


Please either remove the attached screenshot from your message or hide your buyer’s username before you re-upload it. It is against the forum’s rules to reveal a buyer’s/seller’s username.

There could be two reasons why that might have happened:

  1. The buyer either closed their account of their own volition or their account was probably suspended due to a ToS violation.

  2. The buyer has blocked you, and you will not be able to contact them anymore.

Since I can still see that the buyer has an active account, I think it is reason#2 in your particular case.

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i think here something is wrong i cant send him message 2 days

As @hanshuber16 told you . Your buyer has blocked you or the buyer has deactivated/got suspended his/her account . Otherwise there are no problem . :grinning:

i cant belive that! .

These are not impossible reason that you can not believe . And we are not forcing you to believe . However then try to contact CS .

Best Of Luck :grinning: