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I Cant Create 7 Gigs in Basic Level? WHY?

its already written at the top that i can create 7 gigs, but i have 6 active gigs… still i cant create one extra gig?
does any one have solution to this?

Have you got a paused gig as well possibly?

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yes i have got 4 pause gigs, but they are 4 not a single one!

why they count paused gigs?
i have 4 paused and 6 active, that way they total are 10!

Have you been a level 1 at some point? You’re allowed 10 gigs as a level 1. Perhaps you need to delete one of your paused gigs to create a new one?

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That happened to me. I had to delete 1 of my paused gigs to make a new one. :confused:


ok maybe that way it will work, yes i was level one some-time :frowning:

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deleted my 2 paused gigs, still not working :confused:

Maybe you need to delete all 4 paused gigs before you can make a new one?

I’m sure CS will be able to help if you ask them.

ok thanks alot for helping

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You’re very welcome - good luck! :sunny:

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