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I can't create a gig


I decide to change my username, and I create another account, and deactivate my old. Now, I’m trying to create a gig with the same pictures but, fiver delete my gigs 3 times and give me a warning, if I do that again, they will suspend my account. I send the message to support but they not answer me. But I got the message in inbox after they delete my gig. " * NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)" How is that posible if I using the same pictures?


Because you’ve used them previously on your old account?

Why not try with some new ones?


I don’t know is pictures are a problem, they not tell me.

I can’t risk with new gig before they answer me. I’m just waiting for their answer, for that problem. If I create a new and they delete my gig again, I will be suspended if you understand me. Besides that, after that warning, I can’t see some links on my top nav bar, I can’t see “Community, Bayer, Seller”