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I can't create my gig

I can’t create my Fiverr gig. Though I didn’t write anything that contains any illegal word then also it’s showing me I write something which is illegal?
What can I do now?

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maybe you are using some Character or keys which is not legal .
maybe you copy and pest your description form word document , and ms word have many symbols that’s not support in fiverr . Hope you understand

No brother I didn’t use any character which is illegal and also I didn’t copy paste from anywhere. Then also It’s showing this.

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Hey Efty, copy ta whole thing in a text file and then try writing the whole thing line after line one by one to check what Fiverr was blocking. Let us know if you find the problem. Your content is okay, you are just unlucky that some keywords came in a way that Fiverr does not allow.


Thank you brother for your help.

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