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I can't Create New Gig

When wanna to create a new gig. then fiverr gives me 4 step page form but after first step.
continue button doesn’t working. although i was fill up all things appropriately. Please help me!!!


I think this can happen for slow internet connection or browser issue.You can try to create gig from different browser.Hope that will be helpful for you.

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This may be helpful to you:


Is it possible you have hit your gig limit for your seller level?

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thanks bro i’m just tring right now

You can see change your browser.

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same problem with me too. have you fixed it?

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Have you reached the max amount of gigs you can make for your level? Otherwise, it probably is a technical bug.

I am facing same problem although i have not reached my gig limit. i have only 3 gigs.
If someone solved this issue please let me know.

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Hello, I have created 4 gigs on fiverr and now I want to make more gigs but fiverr is showing me that you can only create 7 gigs.
kindly help.

Need help!!!
I want to create a gig. Whenever i click on the option. A screen appears saying . ops this page is not available … What should i do ?

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I have a similar issue - cannot create a gig because it says “tag list must contain at least 1 tag” yet I have tried 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 words - nothing fixes this. I have tried in several browser.

bro i have solved it…tthe same problem appeears to my pc too…you dont have to worry about it …you just needed to make discriptiion atleast 160 letters big…after that…everything will be alright

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