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I can't deliver any order

Hi fiverrs,

I can’t deliver my work at this moment.
“deliver” button just don’t work.
Also order page don’t show the timer…

someone else who also has this problem?

Kind regards,

Me too! I think everyone should have this problem too!

Yes, cannot deliver and some orders cannot get into requirements.

Same here. App seems to at least show me buyer requirements, but I’ve tried three different browsers, three different devices, tried incognito/private mode, and disabled all extensions. Nothing works. Contacted CS about an hour ago but I’m still waiting for a response.

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Me too. Cannot press the deliver order button, or reply with the “tell buyer you have everything” button. Although some orders are fine, and some are not. Very confusing.

Yes, seems to be a site-wide issue. I am having it as well.
Delivery button - not working
Timer - not working

UPDATE: Seems to be working on some orders.

UPDATE 2: Seems to be working normally now.

Same problem here. I switched to Mozilla Firefox from Chrome but same issue. I had to deliver one rush order via attachment but this way buyer can’t make order completed.

Same, I’m hoping this doesn’t mess up my stats.

I hope so too… But knowing about Fiverr, I doubt that’d be the case.

Why you’r not deliver your orders

:roll_eyes: something going on Fiverr end

BECAUSE the “deliver now” button is NOT WORKING! :roll_eyes: :angry:

Delivery now button is working when you type any comment

Could all this mess be collateral damage from Fiverr trying to fix the uploading attachment’s problems? :shushing_face: :roll_eyes:

I know it’s hard but try to be calm as much as you can :slightly_frowning_face:


It’s working again for me!

Wooohooo! :balloon::sparkles: :fireworks::confetti_ball:

It looks like it has been rectified. Now, I am able to see the countdown timer too!

Thanks Fiverr! :two_hearts:

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I honestly hope that is the case.

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I hope too, we’re all in the same boat !

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So is this working properly for everyone now? I still can’t view buyer requirements

Order delivering is now working fine!

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