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I can't deliver files

It seems there is a great problem with Fiverr. Everytime I attach the files to deliver and send them to the client, a, I get an Error 404, or b, only the message gets through, but none of the files (Same applies for the Inbox). Does anyone experience any similar thing lately?

I already tried that. No use. The size is within limits (As the file is about 5 mega), plus it’s a standard file format what I’ve delivered about hundred times before. So I don’t have a clue what the problem is, especially as the inbox is doing the very same.

Reply to @kjblynx: Yeah, I already did that and I’ve sent a bug report. I’ve tried to deliver the files a few times, but the result is the same. Error 404 or it simply swallows the attachments and deliver only the text, without the files. In the meantime I’ve uploaded the files to my own webserver, so the client will be able to download it from there via a link. That’s the best what I can do. I don’t want to delay, because the system has some glitch.

Well, it’s definitely a Fiverr bug as after a day it is still producing the same error.

If I upload the file via “Deliver work” I get Error 404.

If I simply attach the file via the order, or via Inbox, only the text gets through, but none of the files. It’s pretty annoying. In the meantime I’ll have to deliver the files via my own server, which is pretty inconvenient.


have you tried delivering in a zip folder (sorry in case my question is silly) :slight_smile:

Yes, I tried that now and with it I was able to figure out what the problem is. By some unknown reason Fiverr upload and delivery system has problem with Kindle Amazon “mobi” files (It never had any problem with them in the last 4 months, but it has since yesterday.). I was able to upload and deliver doc and zip files, but it is causing this Error 404 and “won’t deliver the file, only the text” with Kindle mobi formats. I don’t know what routines have changed yesterday, but it seems someone put the Kindle Mobi files into the “can’t upload” row, instead of the “safe and attachable files”. The engineers should look after this.

@istvanszaboifj Just curious: is there a reason you depict yourself (presumably it’s you) holding a gun and a camcorder on several of your gigs and your profile? Are you portraying yourself as a gangster? It just didn’t seem to have any connection to the gigs that I could see.

Reply to @celticmoon: Nope, I’m not a gangster. :slight_smile: That picture was taken when I was a director (Camera), and also played a support Detective role (Gun) in the award winning short movie, “15 Minutes of Fame” (I was also the writer of the movie, but there wasn’t a quill around, so I couldn’t take that into my mouth. :slight_smile: ). On the picture I’ve mixed the two aforementioned roles into one. But as I’m an author / writer / director / graphic artist, those Gigs actually has connection to me and the service itself (This is my present author picture as well.). And as I’m an anti-photo guy, there are very few pictures about me. This is one of the better ones. The other best one is where I sit in a Mig-29. Now that one really wouldn’t have any connection to the Gigs, so I picked this one.

OK, I feel better now~ No gangstas~! #:-S