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I cant deliver my gigs :(


I keep trying to deliver my gig to a customer before I exceed my delivery date. Every time I try to upload the video file to the delivery page, I keep getting an error saying that i have no connection and cannot deliver my file. (it gets like 11% complete and then just loses “connection”) This is weird because I can upload to other websites with no problem. Its just this one that I am having problems with. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, what did you do to resolve it?

Thanks a lot!


am presently having the same challenge with macaul and am in a constraint, i wist somebody can help me


well. I suppose drop box is a good idea, but I want to feature my work in my live portfolio…wont this prevent that from happening if I use dropbox/any other file upload website?

Thanks again for the responses :slight_smile:


Truly unfortunate. It’s weird that there are other sellers are having this same problem. Hmm…what could the cause be? I think it is very important to display a live profile whenever possible. Thanks oldbittygrandma for your reply!