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I can't deliver my work

I can’t send my work to my buyers and if i try to contact customer support the website tells me that is not possible. I can’t understand why Fiverr is doing this: when i try to send the file Fiverr gives me a blank windows and nothing else, after trying to contact the customer support is still not working. I’m trying from 12 hours and i’m loosing time.

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I hope you are using the google chrome browser. If you are not, I suggest that you try using it. It should hopefully work fine. If you are already using google chrome, I’d suggest that you clear all the cookies/caches from your browser (at least the Fiverr related ones) and see if that rectifies the problem for you.

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If just uploading is the problem you could send a drop box link.

agree with you about suggest that you clear all the cookies/caches from your browser.

I Thought it was against the TOS to send a dropbox link. so avoided the same one time I needed it.

Support has been know to suggest Drop box in these cases. If you search you’ll find many forum posts on it. Personally, I wouldn’t do it unless it’s a necessity, but it works in a pinch.

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