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I cant download the pictures that buyers send me


When i have an order, i try to download the pictures that buyers send me, and the systems redirects me to home, this is since today, somebody knows what is the issue?? it happened to me in 3 customers


Me too. I think the admins will notice this issue soon.


I am having the same problem.


Same thing for me today too! Hopefully this will be fixed SOON!!! I have customers complaining that they can’t download my songs!!! NOT GOOD!!!


I am having an identical issue. My seller cannot download the files I proofread for him. I can’t re-download them myself. I just keep being redirected to the fiverr homepage, as the seller indicated was also happening to him. Very irritating. There have also been issues with orders not showing up in the queue after buyers have purchased a gig. Please fix this soon!


I discovered something, in firefox its working, maybe you can tell them download it from there


Wow, I’m glad i’m not the only one that was having issues. My buyer was trying to provide me images to use and every time I clicked on it to download, it would take me to the homepage of fiverr…