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I can't edit my Gig without being forced to offer Packages

One of my Gigs “magically” included a Gig Extra offering Getty Images. Since I do not, nor do I want to, offer that, I tried to edit the Gig to remove it. But Fiverr would not allow me to save the edit and tried to force me to offer Packages.
Is this a new demand from Fiverr?

Yes and some in your category like them very much. You can now start your prices at over $5. It’s up to you to very carefully figure out exactly how you can offer these packages in an easy to understand way. I feel that is the key to making them work.
Fiverr is changing over to this format.

Eh, I leave it up. Apparently you only get $2 from it though. Just type in whatever approximates with your gig and upload it. I’ve only had one seller specify the image and nobody’s ever complained about my choices. I will say that the interface is HORRIBLE though. Good luck trying to use it without errors on a slow internet connection. One time it accidentally let me choose two (errors galore) and I was unable to deliver the gig without having to go to Customer Support to moan about it. They couldn’t fix it so the buyer got two images and I still got $2 instead of the $4, and I bet getty took a loss too.

lol. I think you can remove it though. I can’t be bothered to.