I can't edit my gigs, it shows denied


now what to do? I got this email

We are sorry, but your gig ‘give you 7000 twitter followers’ did not pass our moderators’ review. The reasons are:

Your gig image would need to be of a better resolution, graphic or photographic quality. Please replace your primary gig image

Please upload an image of 682 pixels wide and 459 pixels height.


The Fiverr Editorial Team

How to upload image like this where i can’t edit


I tried but it redirects me to this link again http://fiverr.com/users/ YOUR USERNAME /manage_gigs


and there is only one option like “delete”


when i am going to http://fiverr.com/users/mskabir91/manage_gigs/give-you-5000-twitter-followers/edit

it’s redirecting to http://fiverr.com/users/mskabir91/manage_gigs

fade up !!!


@mskabir91 What about your problem? Is it solved?