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I cant even make any offers becasue of my AVERAGE RATING!

This fiverr experience is really making me angry. My work is 100% beautiful, better than a lot of my competition, and I still have 0 views and no sales. Youd think i would get some sales by making offers but fiver wont let me make offers becasue my one and only customer gave me an average rating of 73%. I need at least 90% in order to make offers, according to Fiverr’s rules. this is a freaking outrage. No one is noticing me, i cannot make money. I am stuck. It is not fair and i want Fiverr to fix it.


We can’t do anything about it…

fiverr customer support told me to contact the buyers in the Requested gigs section and create a gig around the service they’re requesting. So yes nothing you can do about it but listen to my anger and tell me what I know already.

You’ve been a member since 2015, sold 1 gig and got a 3.5 star review, and I can’t see their review because you deleted your gig. That’s not good man. I can’t offer too much advice because I only joined about 2 months ago, but you need to seriously think about whether you are capable of delivering the service you offer before offering it. Fiverr can’t help you to fix the quality of your gig, only you can do that. My suggestion to you is, close your account, sit down and think seriously about how you deal with customers and if you can actually deliver a 5 star service, then start a new account and put what you have learned into practice.

But hey, what do I know? I’m just a noob.

Hope this helps and good luck :slight_smile:

i think just one great review is all I need. No need delete account although that might help. Its either or. I will decide.

then a again what have i got to lose. you might be right.

Im really undecided lol. Sine last year ive improved. I did not have a video on any of my gigs last year and since then ive become more skilled. All I need is someone who likes my art trusts me despite my rating.

Im thinking I can give special offers make more sales. Im going to think of some now. Anyone know any decent special offers are common of Fiverr?

It’s great you are being positive about this, and it will definitely help you in the long run. But, the damage has been done and you really don’t have anything to lose by starting over with a fresh perspective.

Don’t beat yourself up though, it can happen to the best of us.

And don’t waste time flogging a dead horse, the faster you act, the quicker you can get going again.

Mods I’d close this, the accounts no longer active :slight_smile:

Spell check never hurts.