I can't even say a word about this buyer


So buyer ordered book formatting gig.

This was instruction from him.

“I need the attached Word doc formatted for a CreateSpace 6x9 paperback. Please let me know if you need any additional information.”

I said thanks for ordering and asked him about font he prefer for books.

He said “Any font is fine.”

So I did formatting like any other formatting where people are happy with.

I delivered pretty quickly, even that isn’t important…

Next day, he asked for modification.

"I would like to make the book longer. Below are some suggestions:

  • Make all fonts 1 point larger
  • Insert a few blank links before each new chapter
  • Split the copyright and legal disclaimer (Page 2) into separate pages
  • Make the margins a little larger
  • Add “book title (this was actually his book title)” to the header of even pages with content/text.
  • Please also add a dedication page before the table of contents page (text attached)."

So that are completely new instructions. Ok, fine, I did it.
I read it wrong at first something, but fixed it later again.

So everything was perfect except book headers. I suggested him about that it will not look good with so many titles in it. And he said “I don’t see any chapter headers?”

That is new requirements again. So I showed him how it looks to have header and title on same page.

Next message.

“You are not following my instructions. Please issue me a refund and I will use someone else.”

I followed every instruction and you will not get free job

You absolutely DID NOT follow my instructions and I will not be using your work. I had to order a formatting gig from someone else. Attached is their first draft. As you can see, they followed my instructions. Please refund me.

I mean, WHAT THE HELL is with buyers. Asking multiple new stuff, and when book is over, that I refund him.

I am really struggling to say to him something that I shouldn’t… ARGHHHHH


Imgur review prime candidate.


That’s horrible! I am so sorry that happened to you!

You did a lot of work for him. I would refuse to give him a refund and tell it all just like you did here, and do as emmaki told you.

You can explain it just as you did here, take a screenshot of the explanation you give, then post it on imgur,
with a link in your reply to the bad review he leaves to your imgur explanation screenshot.

No way would I refund him.


Redeliver his order and remind him of the original conversation. You do the work you get paid. Finitio.

The mistake you made was doing those modifications in the first place. You are not the salvation army. If you do work you get paid for it. Do not do free work. Redeliver the order and send him a further custom order for the modifications. Does not matter if you have done them already. Drive home to this person that your work has value and you are getting paid for it.


I also would not refund. Sorry for the headache. In addition to reminding him about his original instructions you followed, I would also submit a ticket to customer support. Give them a heads up about the situation and include screenshots as well.
I am sure they will back you up in case the client contacts CS to have the order cancelled.

Good luck!!


What you described doesn’t surprise me one bit.

I used to do audiobook narration for Createspace authors. I lost more money than I made. I feel your pain.


@misscrystal I didn’t refund him and I won’t. I told him that few times. Actually I reported support right away when he wanted refund.

@markp I did few times, he is rejecting always. Funny thing, he doesn’t reply, and when I redeliver he reject it right away.

@annai80 I did sent ticket right away when I saw first message about refund he sent me. They just told me: “your request will be forwarded for review to our Trust & Safety team. Due to our Privacy Policy, we are unable to share any further detail…” and “In the meantime, please continue to communicate with the buyer so this case can resolved by mutual agreement.” Even I told them not to tell me communicate with buyer because of what he did. And they marked ticket as solved… No idea if that helped or not, but order isn’t cancelled still… And of course buyer didn’t answer at all…

@matureactress I have Createspace account and always checking if book is ok or not with them. Everything was good, buyer just wanted free work or whatever.