I can't figure fiverr out


Maybe someone who’s gone before me can shed some light on this bizarre website.

I had several voice over gigs listed and got buyers in a steady stream. Then all of a sudden, for no explainable reason I got a wave of like 5 - 8 orders per day for a day or two… since then I’ve literally gotten nothing for several months. To the point where Fiverr is now sending me emails asking me to login to verify my gigs are still active.

Well yes, they’re still active! If you’d show them to people I’d be logging in more often.

Can anyone shed light on what’s going on here?


Fiverr likes to shuffle their search results. It’s possible you might not even be in the search results anymore, especially if they think for some reason that your gigs are no longer active. I’d suggest marketing a little bit outside of Fiverr (like on social media) or checking out Buyers Requests to see if anybody is looking for services like the ones you offer. Otherwise, changing up your gigs by rewriting the descriptions, re-categorizing them (they’ve changed a bunch of categories in the last few months), and switching up your tags might help.


I thinks that’s write. I had similar experience but now my gig is picking up again


Each time I attempt to create and save a gig for selling, it goes nowhere. How do I get to the next step so that it is published for others to see? What would that look like? is any of my work visible?


I’ve experienced the same thing in the VO category. I recently re-wrote my gigs and changed my tags and now all my gigs are showing up on a search. You have to kinda experiment using different tags and gig descriptions to see what works. But always beware that your gigs may show up today…but may not show up a month from now. Then it’s time to re-write and re-fresh.


Reply to @speed_boost:
So basically update the demos and rewrite descriptions every so often to keep it fresh?


Thank you for your response. Sorry I am late in seeing it. I plan to be more active on Fiverr and check for responses to my posts to the Forum.