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I can't find a niche...!


After completing the profil, creating gigs is the next step.
But I didn’t find what kind of gigs I should make, there is a hight competition in a simple gigs like do something with photoshop …ect , and I’m not a exelent on what I see that I can give.
please help, thank you.


Hello ippobono,

First off you don’t have to be the best at what you offer. There’s always going to be someone better than you in this world. You just have to do the best that YOU can do.

Second, I would strongly recommend hiring someone to correct the grammar throughout your descriptions and gigs, it would help earn the trust of buyers immensely.

Third, yes, there is a high completion on Fiverr, as with anywhere, but never EVER let that get you down. There’s going to be high competition in just about anything you do. Thee single most important thing is to always keep going. Never give up.

Make those gigs! Even if you think the competition is better than you. Make them and keep promoting your gigs every day and responding to Buyer’s requests!

I wish for the best of luck for your future!


Thank you chrispoirier, I’m triying now to find the strategy that it will work better for my gig. I hope for you the best, see yeah :wink: