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I can't find any order against my Gig

I am a newbie here and I have generated a gig

kindly check and leave feedbacks


Here are some Tips to get order:

Create 7 gig
keyword research and good SEO
attractive gig image
send buyer request regularly
gig marketing
stay active on Fiverr (Fiverr forum)
Good Luck

Follow this instructions I hope you get order.

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how can i send buyer request

By forum you mean here in the community or on Fiverr where we grab orders and get things done?

Thanks in advance for clarification.

Here are some Tips to get your frist order on FIverr

1.Create 7 gig witt proper keyword
2.Make and attractive gig image
3.Send 10 buyer request per day
4.Share your gigs on social media platform
5.Try to active on fiverr most of time
6.Develop your skill or your sevice

Thank you

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welcome to the family.

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you can send buyer request with this gig hope will find a soon and marketing this gig will also could be more beneficial

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