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I can't find available option!

I can’t find available option in my profile!

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This option is no longer available.

why! i was wondering to know! Do you have any information?

Fiverr tested it and then removed it some months ago. They did not give a reason.

Ohhh I see! Thanks for your information

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It was beta version and later it was removed. It has been 1 month plus since the feature was completely removed.

Ahhhh wasn’t it useful?

It was useful for sellers who were not getting orders as it helped the gig to come up. Also if someone filtered through Avaibe Now only those with less orders were there because it had a rule of not being Avaible for Sellers with orders more than 5

But may be sales dropped for top sellers so it was removed

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Its no longer available

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I get it now! Thanks for your explanation :+1:t2:

Bad luck!! I can’t use it :frowning: