I can't find fiverr credit to my account. Seller cancelled


Hi. I ordered a gig and purchased several extras totaling $165.00. The seller missed the deadline and never performed. He cancelled my gig and fiverr credited my account for 165.00 and I was about to use my credit and it is gone. I cannot find it. Help.


When a gig is purchased using Fiverr Revenues(The funds made from a gig sale) the funds are refunded to the “Available Funds” balance if the order is cancelled for whatever reason. The refund goes to the shopping balance if the order was placed using external payment methods Paypal or credit card. Fiverr don’t refund outside funds back to outside. I think it is unfair, but it is not my biggest issue since I am a seller.


How do I withdraw my credit from Fiverr? I have made other purchases and it yet to prompt me to withdraw my credit to use towards another project. Does anyone know how to do this?


I am a new Fiverr user and my first order for a logo was canceled for no reason… I was waiting for 6 days for my logo, just as it was due, seller canceled with no reason (Karyface1). I didn’t know that Fiverr does not refund my money if seller cancels. I read about Fiverr & terms of service, but didn’t see anything about Fiverr keeping my money even if there was no service. It does not make any sense. The seller has already made me lose time, and on top of that, Fiverr is stealing my money.

What if I don’t want to order anything else from Fiverr? My experience has already been too negative to attempt another purchase.