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I can't find my best best selling gig on the search result

I can’t find my best selling gig on the search result, I did not get any bad feedback and also 7 order is running, But I can’t find my gig from last few days. can you tell me why this is happening? and How can I fix it?


Unfortunately, no, we cannot. We do not have access to the metrics which support your gig, nor do we have insight into all of the factors that determine it’s status.

Fiverr does not guarantee placement in the search results. Your gig(s) will appear where they appear, based upon the algorithm (which none of us can clarify the workings of). If you want more customers, you are going to have to take the time to market and promote your gig to the people who need the services that you have to offer.


Good answer and explanation dear sir.

Best answer for our questions

they reply to me, but I can’t see my gig from fiverr mobile apps

I checked everything on our end and there is nothing wrong with any of your gigs or at all. I have also searched for “amazon affiliate” and other related search terms and saw your gig on the first page every time.

Be advised that your position isn’t permanent, on the contrary, it is ever-changing in accordance with many variables. The best way to grow and excel in our community is by providing great deliveries and making your buyers happy.

Best regrds,

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My gig is back to the position :wink:

my gig is missing from a search engine,
my gig was missing for 7-10 days but today my gig came in search active just for about 2 hours, after 1 2Hours My gig is again missing, so what can I do right now

Dear mate, try to get some order from your older client. And if you get good review I hope it will be back again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thanks for the information.

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