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I Can't Find my Gig! Any Help?


I created a gig like 7 days ago but i can’t find it when i search it. Can someone help?


contact customer support they will help.You can find it here:


Please contact with CS. They are very helpful. Hope you can a better solution.



Same as for me.I am really frustrate about the issue.


not a big issue. Contact fiverr CS. they are friendly and helpful. ready to give help 24/7.


Contact with customer support.


how can i contact them?


There is a link to Customer Support at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Contact customer care and some new gigs may take some whiles to show on search Box, so Do not worry, thanks!


don’t be upset contact with customer care thank you


Just Keep in touch forum and try to make sure your self that your Gig is in active option Gigs Because there is some other options as will like Draft or Pause and other, thanks!


Really you do not know how to contact :see_no_evil:


im waiting for a response from CS, thank you all so much!