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I can't find my gig even when I have sold more than 100 project

Hello, all,

I’ve been a seller in fiver since 2016, and since then I’ve completed 100+ projects (combination from 3 active gigs). Despite this, I couldn’t find my page when I was looking for 3d modeling services for 3d printing (my kind of gig) on fiverr, even after I log out and searched for it as a guest.

I have to admit, since 2018 I was busy as a student which caused me to be late in answering messages, but does this cause my gig not to be found? I have also been downgraded from a level two seller to level one, then to no level seller from 2018 to 2020. I plan to increase my seller level again, but if the client can’t foud my gig it would be hard for me do that.
Can anyone told me the problem? And what could I do to make my gig more visible to new client?

Thanks in advance


Please send buyer request everyday .

Inactiveness & low response rate must affect the gig & profile. You should have used the availability section to avoid current circumstance.

Now you can do the following things. I hope that these will help.

  1. Be active on Fiverr & Forum also.
  2. Share your gig on social media but do not cross the limit.
  3. Send offer to buyer requests regularly.
  4. Knock your old buyers.
  5. You can edit your gigs so that they can be up to date & look good.

These all are my personal opinion. You can follow them or not.

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Thank you @mkeasmin for the response and the suggestions, I’m on my way to do no.2 and no.5, for no.3 I tried to send an offer to buyer request but have no request in that section. I’m not so sure about no.1 though, how to be more active on Fiverr? And do being active in forums helps the gig to shows up? Also, what do you mean by “knock your old buyers”? did you mean I need to refuse their project? I still got at least 2 new projects per month because of my returned buyer, so I don’t get why I must do that.

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Thank you @leadesrat12 for the suggestion, actually, that’s the first thing I do. Sadly, don’t see any request on the section.

Is your gig completely absent from the search results or is it just in one of the later pages?

If it’s missing from the search results, follow the steps in this post to check if your gig is active and visible in the search results: For everyone whose gigs aren’t showing up in the search reuslts

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Thank you @krheate for the advice. Already done that, and my gigs is still active. I looked in another thread and found that this problem appears to be due to some temporary glitch on Fiverr. Today I am looking for my shows again and all my shows are showing up, double-checked with my friend helps.