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I can't find my gig. How to come my gig in top 3 pages

I can’t find my gig. How to come my gig in top 3 pages. Give me suggestion please.


You need to get more reviews to be at the first pages.

You should be contacted on Fiverr customer service.

You need gig marketing…

The things that make a gig appear on the first few pages of any given category is, I suspect, a closely guarded secret. I would suspect that the popularity of your gig influences this. For example, your gig’s “conversion rate” along with the the number of deliveries, the frequency of deliveries, and high buyer ratings all contribute to this.
Bottom line, just deliver great work, get great feedback, and do this over and over again and your gig will show up higher and higher.
I hope that helps.

You need to get lots of good reviews. Try and try