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I cant find my gig in selected category

I cant find my gig when I search for it, when I am logged in or when browse from diffrent browser? help


Fiverr introduced one system to check overall status , Is your gig available in market it will show you ACTIVE or if there is something wrong then it show PENDING ,This is good step by fiverr as we do not need to wait for CS to reply.
Here is link
After clicking fellow these Steps

Step 1: What can we help you with?
Ans : Choose Gig

Step 2: What is the issue with your gig?
Ans: Choose My Gig doesn’t appear in Search


I know that, its active. I just cant find it in subcategory as random searcher… all gigs should be visible


may be you didn’t taget the right keywords. check with all related keywords also find in all the pages.

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I use all search filters and used it without filters, and i get no result when i go to video and animation -> animated gifs

Can you try to locate that gig via those subcategories, not via link above… maybe its just personalized for me not to see.

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“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.

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SEO your Gig Image. Then you will find it Fiverr marketplace

Well my gig is active, and I had 1hour repsonse rate and 5 star on it, from 1 buyer so far… my other gigs can be found in their subcategories, just i couldnt find this one…

What you mean by SEO my gig?

Nothing will work in that issues, I did all things, changed keyword, tag, seo but my all gig doesn’t found in fiverr search results, not sure when it will be fixed…