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I can't find my gig in the search even I got active orders

I can’t find my gig in the search even I got active orders. Not sure whether Fiverr had taken it down or what, please help me.

  1. Go to the Seller’s Help Center.

Select Gig - My gig doesn’t appear in the search. It will show you the status of your gig.

  1. Trying using different keywords when searching, see if it appears when using some but not the others.

There are currently 25 search results pages that are displayed to the buyer. If your gig isn’t on any of them, it sort of “falls off” because there are usually far more gigs than 25 pages can fit. Doesn’t mean it has been deactivated. Does mean that for whatever mysterious reason fiverr doesn’t consider it relevant at the moment. It’s most likely temporary.

Writing to CS will probably give you the same answer I just gave you above.

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I understand. but just yesterday, my gig is at the first page, but today, it just disappeared.

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I’m not sure why are you repeating to me what you’ve already wrote.

It happened to me before, I quoted you what CS had said. Fiverr doesn’t guarantee your gig’s position.

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