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I can't find my gig on the search page after my first order delivery that gave five star

Guys please, what must have gone wrong? I observed I wasn’t receiving messages from buyers about my gig(after my first completed order that really went well). I had to check what went wrong and realized my gig had disappeared from the search page. I am always online and when I checked, new buyers with no review are even placed on the first twenty page while I can’t find my gig.
Please help.


You can check here: by selecting the relevant option.

Also, you need to remove the Fiverr logo from your gig images as that is not allowed.

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Follow the steps in this post for how to check if your gig is active and visible in the search results: For everyone whose gigs aren’t showing up in the search reuslts


I checked and it says the gig is active and on the search page in marketplace… My concern now is, shouldn’t a completed order with good review cause the gig to rank? because reverse is the case here if truly it’s on the search page. It had only fell off the top pages. It was ranking better when I just created it than now that I have gotten a job and completed it.