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I can't find my gig please help me

Tomorrow i was edit my gig but after 12 hours I can’t find my gig any pages but before edit my gig it was a 1st page on relevance and also 1st page in best selling… Why is that happening ?

Just wait for 24 hrs after editing the Gig. If still you don’t found your gig in the search then contact Customer Support. Customer Support will surely fix your this issue. :slight_smile:

Best of Luck ! :+1:

but brother one of my friend he also edit his gig and i can’t find the gig any pages then he contact a fiverr support after the contact fiverr remove his gig now i am afraid should i contact the customer support or not and i am a big confusion what should i do :frowning:

No it’s just a myth… I was also facing the same with my Gig, so I simply Contact CS and got my problem resolved :slight_smile:

What did he offer with his gig?

He offer actually Restaurant menu

I don’t see why would a gig for designing restaurant menus be removed, unless the gig description was copied from someone else, or the gig images didn’t belong to him.

Or perhaps CS removed it by mistake? Did your friend ask them why they removed his gig?

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