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I can't find my gig within the first 30 pages

I just checked the location of my gig through online and offline search filters. But when I search my gig on the online search platform, I can find the location of my gig within the first 6 pages. But when I search through my gig offline search filter I can’t find my gig within the first 30 pages.

I can’t find my gig in the offline search filter. Since I can’t find my own gig. So I think this problem may have an impact on my sell growth. Because if the buyer can’t find my gig, my order will be greatly reduced.
I do not understand what was my wrong, because I noticed numerous new seller gigs shows within the first 5 to 20 pages but even though I am a Level 2 seller on fiverr but I’m not able to found my gig within the first 30 pages. Maybe it 's my bad luck …

So Anyone check my gig position . This is very important to me…so please help me, and give me a good suggestion …

Hello, hope you are well. I have checked your gig. Here are around 39k gigs, so if you want to get it in 1-10 page. You have to do Gig SEO well. It will be best if you added some more images and one video. If you add your main keywords in your images it will help your gig SEO. It’s my opinion as I am a new seller so I think it will help you. I got results using these tricks. One of my gigs is in first page and some gigs under the 5th page.
Hope you understand. Thank you.

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I will follow your advice in the future. Thank you for your help and suggestions .

Have a Good day…

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