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I can't find my GIG

I am done creating a gig, but can’t seem to find it when I search as a buyer. Can anyone help me please. i even used a different PC to no avail. Thanks

Find it same catagory… I guess same person cannot find his own GIG.

Thanks. Can i search by username?

Until you don’t have enough ratings, you could never find your gig in search (expect if you are one of the lucky ones to be in the recommended ). + I don’t thinks GiG with 0 reviews appears in search. You can try to find it in the NEW section instead.

YES you can.
But it will only bring in your profile, not gig.

Try to find in newest arrival. When your gig will have first sale and a great feedback, it will go in relevance/recommended section.

Select the “Subject” where you placed your “gig” such as: Fun, Other, Business, etc… then click the down arrow that says “filter by” > change it to Newest Arrivals. Hope this helps. My 1st time also. Just launch my Gig today too and couldn’t find it.

Thank u all

until you are not a top rated or level 1,2 seller you can not find your gig as a buyer.

I still tried to find my gigs in another browser while logged off, still no success, it must be locked to ip :stuck_out_tongue: