I cant find my gigs in search


I wrote the search tag and search all the pages and didnt find my gig…


Hi,Check with your friends or anyone else you use on your phone or whatever


Make sure you are offering services which are allowed in Fiverr’s editorial guideline.

If your gigs are legit and still not approved, you can contact the customer support and find out the reason.


Hi! Where can I find the editorial guide of fiverr?


You can read this https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service for better clarification.


my gig is also not showing showing i think we should contact fiverr customer support


If your title is unique it will appear easily when you search. There are hundreds of sellers are using same keyword so it will be difficult as a new seller to just popup your gig when you search it.


hi bro search your titel name


You will not be shown on the main page if your gigs do not have a review or still have a little review.

So promote your product. Is the fastest way to sell your gigs


Contact CS. :slight_smile:


You can use filters to find gig…maybe it will help.


Please check Selling, gigs
it active or not


change your gig tags and description and then check.


how to promote (new seller )?


pause it then unpause and it will show


First of all, you should share your gigs on the social platform, while your gigs increase more views then Fiverr can rank up your Gigs on the first page.

You are welcome :star_struck:


All your gigs are available in search engine i checked, [Support] every user sees the search results differently. Keywords, do not necessarily make the search, consequently, it only makes it easier for users to search for specific categories, and not the gigs.


You are very kind, thank you for your response!


Hey! I did not know … thank you for answering my question


You just need a lot of positive reviews to be in the index in the fiverr page search