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I can't find my gigs in the fiverr's section

I’ve just started to use fiverr and I’ve created five gigs,everyone for a different category, but only two I was able to find in the official section( when you entry to fiverr and graphic and design for example ) and those two are the only ones with views

In my dashboard they tell my all five are activated, so I dont see why I cant find them :frowning:

And to mention, I’ve searched in the “New” section at every category

(Sorry for my english ,not a native speaker)

Thank you for responding :smiley:

Your gigs do appear to be displayed strangely to me. Some of that may be due to the fact that two have the same title and may be identical gigs, which is not a good practice. This is the second time today I’ve seen something like this. I see 3 live gigs under your profile.

If I click on one of your gigs, I only see one displayed underneath as an additional gig. I don’t think the forum can help you with this. You can submit a ticket to Customer Support. If this seems to be on ongoing problem for many users we will probably consolidate threads under the Bugs section of the forum, so keep an eye out there if you don’t see your posts where you expect it.