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I cant find my gigs when i search with a tags


I am new and when i do search a gig with my tags it is not appear . In the beginning appeared in the “New” and now every gig that I open it is not appeared anymore when i do search with the tags i put in the gig.

Thank you


Hello there, Don’t be hopeless…As you are to fiverr so it needs time to show your gig to the buyers…Please wait for about 20 days…


Thank you, but the problem is that in the bigining my gig was showing to buyers and now is not showing anymore.

Thank you




There are millions of gigs on Fiverr. No one knows how their search algorithm works, but it appears that gigs are rotated through active search results, so when someone does a search, the results will not show every single possible gig on the entire site, just a limited amount. That means sometimes your gig will show up in search results, sometimes it won’t. Your gigs will always be visible from your profile page.