I can't find my GIGS


Hi, I’m new here and joined up 5 days ago. I have tried searching for my gigs and I can’t find them (I did the search by the general search option available up the top of the web site). I’ve also can’t find my Fiverr name when I do a search under the Fiverr username option. Does that mean I’m not listed and my gigs aren’t listed. If so, what would be the reason for this?


Dear Cloud:

Until you start showing up in searches, I suggest you use your profile as a way to promote your gigs ( fiverr.com/ + your username ):

I also suggest you add keywords to your gig titles and as @Pastordre recommends, adding keywords to the names of your images and videos:

Good luck,


Hi Cloudwise,
I just did a manual search for your gigs, and I found it on page 3.
Please review the attached images for the search result and the filters that I used.

As for the username, it may take the system some time to propagate on the server for the update. But you may still wish to contact Customer Support:


Thanks heap. Invaluable information. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! This information is helpful. :slight_smile: