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I can't find my item!

I’ve been emailed to say that my recent order is complete and when I click on the button it just takes me to the home page of Fiverr and I can’t find my order! Where is it??

Click “Shopping” link at top. Then click on “Delivered.” Locate and click on the gig you bought in Order Details. Scroll to the bottom, your delivery file should be there. I hope that helps, if not come back here. :slight_smile:

Know this before blindly buying a gig

I’ve just read this as I am also having problems with viewing my file. I have looked on my shopping page and there is no file link for download. All I have is the thumbs up/down and modify request options. None of which show me the ordered image

Guys you need to open your .rar files with the correct program. Download WinRAR then you’ll be able to open all the completed jobs which would be attached to your message notification. :slight_smile: