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I cant find my one gig in fiverr search

hello,my gig which title has “i will create your photo into an oil painting style” is unable to find the search page while type with my SEO keywords.please help me to find my gig in the search result. thanks!!


If the status in the below link is “ACTIVE”, then nothing to worry. Its all about fiverr search algorithm. And if it is any other, contact in support.

I typed “oil painting style photo” in the Fiverr search bar and then applied the New Seller filter.

Your gig is showing on the first page in the second row.


@lloydsolutions thank you very much

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@lloydsolutions how about my gig title? is it fine?

Just leave it alone.

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my gig title is end up oil painting style.So my gig not include in the oil painting keyword.but some gig has their title name end as oil painting effect or something else.but those are including oil painting keyword.why??

Scarch the all gig title in fiverr search box